Thursday, August 21, 2014

Hosiery choice is personal  By Jean Patteson, Orlando Sentinel
Question: Please clarify the rules of hosiery these days. I am aware that stockings are worn less frequently. However, does a woman in her 60s wear stockings for after-five dressing? If so, what is the appropriate color to wear with a champagne or mocha-colored sheath dress -- nude-toned or lighter? Answer: There really are no hosiery rules anymore. Whether or not you wear stockings is simply a matter of personal preference. Me? I think sheer stockings the same shade as your legs add a touch of elegance to after-five dress.
Appliqued Hosiery Adds Romantic Touch  By Davin Light of the Sentinel Staff
When you're a bride planning a stroll down the aisle, you want everything perfect. Whether you prefer a long, traditional gown, a shorter, modern style or something in between, you want to look and feel your most romantic.Feminine, romantic touches don't have to be extravagant to be effective; sometimes it's the little things that make the difference. Bridal hosiery with delicate appliques of flowers, wedding bells, pearls or rhinestones can enhance a wedding outfit and make the bride feel special.
Trends Put Dull Hosiery On The Run  By Anne-Marie Schiro New York Times
One fashion decision a woman hasn't had to make in the last few years is what to wear on her legs during the fall and winter months. Black opaque tights have been the right choice with just about any skirt length. But those carefree days may be over.There are signs of anarchy in the hosiery area, with designers suggesting sheer nude or sheer black pantyhose, opaque white tights, over-the-knee stockings and even knee-highs with a skirt and ankle socks with high-heel shoes.Women with an interest in fashion have already started experimenting, going barelegged in the summer, wearing thigh-high stockings with mini dresses or white tights with dark skirts.
  Denier And Hose: It's A Sheer Thing  By Jean Patteson, Sentinel Columnist
Question: I was ordering pantyhose off the Internet recently and noticed the term "denier" cropping up in some of the product descriptions. What is this denier creature? Also, is support hose just thicker than regular hose? Answer: "Denier" is a term that has long been used in Europe but is only now showing up on hosiery packaging in the United States. Technically speaking, denier is a unit of weight used to measure the fineness of threads. The lower the denier, the finer the thread. More simply stated: Denier indicates the sheerness of hosiery.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Change the Look by Layering 
Layering has become a big trend over the past seasons. And now, layering with tights has become a bigger trend. Tights have exploded in the fashion industry and now come in different colors, textures, and styles. You can layer tights with dresses, sweaters, and tunics. It’s becoming more acceptable to wear tights as leggings. But of course they may not be appropriate to wear everywhere. Layering tights is easier than you think. You can give yourself a quick makeover by having one different unique look.

First, you should buy high quality tights. These tights should be durable and have several purposes. Your best bet would be to have tights that offer shaping and tummy control. This way, no lumps or bumps will show underneath your tunic or dress. Plus, these tights will give you extra room when wearing tight skirts.

Always pick tights that compliment the colors in your wardrobe. If you’re dressing for the office, think conservatively. Wear tights in blacks, browns, or navys. If you’re dressing for a party, then pick tights that contrast with your wardrobe. Spice up a little black dress by layering a red or cobalt blue tight. Or do the exact opposite. Wear a black tight with a sexy red dress. The color of the tight will tone down the look and feel of the dress. Plus, it adds interest to your look without having to be sexy. Leave the white tights to the nurses and children. This is a big fashion don’t for older women. Play with tone on tone colors such as a tan dress with chocolate tights, and a baby blue sweater with navy tights. It’ll break up the monotony of your look.

Tights come in a variety of textures and prints, so don’t be afraid to experiment with those. The textures of tights can range from lace designs or fishnets. If you’re ever planning to wear fishnets, it’s best to layer them with a darker tight underneath, preferably black or brown. Your total look won’t appear as suggestive. Colorful patterned tights should only be layered with the natural colors in your wardrobe such as black, brown, white, and navy.

Now that you have the type, style, and color tights you need, you can learn how to layer them with other pieces in your wardrobe. Layer tights with a mini or knee-length skirt. Depending on the length of your skirt, you can add boots to your look. This creates a more finished look than traditional flats and Maryjanes. You should layer tights with a casual dress or tunic and knee-high boots. Evening and cocktail dresses look best with pumps or open-toe shoes. Don’t be afraid to contrast the color of your shoe with your tights and outfit, as long as it matches.
This article was written by Lisa, fashion expert and entrepreneur for FML (Fashion My Legs) who, we think, knows young persons hosiery fashions and has some interesting ideas on using hosiery to create and improve fashion. 

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

It seems that Suspender Hose or "All-in-one Garter Belt Sheer Lace-Top Stockings" are trending, seeing that they come complete with their own attached "built-in Garter Belt" so that you can have that gartered look without the fuss of a garter belt. Similar to the ease of Pantyhose, but much better looking and sexier too. This one has Lace waist belt, Lace attached straps and a Lace-top sheer stocking in Regular one size and Queensize in colors Black, Nude, Red, and White.  Look sexy, stay cool!  Click here and take a look.
Suspender Hose

Friday, April 25, 2014

Sexy Looking Cat

Don't let this cat get too upset. At least, not until you get her home. This hot little number comes in Regular size and Queensize, for the club room or the bedroom. Keep the claws under control.   We call this a Leopard Print Mini-Dress, but it is so light that you could use it as Lingerie in the boudoir too.  Dress this with some black, leopard, Coffee, or fishnet tights and you'll be ready to go anywhere.  Have a good time but don't tear it up too much. 
Sexy Low Cut Leopard Mini-Dress
Sheer Hosiery...still a necessity 

Sheer hosiery is an excellent way to showcase your womanly side while making your outfits look more complete and classy. Sheer tights is timeless and ooze sex & style appeal! Wear them to create a statement that says that you really care about how you look. For many ,Not only do sheer hosiery attract the opposite sex , they're god-sent for you who wants to disguise razor bumps, pasty skin, cellulite and other imperfections that make you feel self-conscious about your legs. It's simply a great way to give your legs a stunning look and feel. Nude pantyhose is also a solution for those who don't feel comfortable going bare-legged   in a skirt or dress. You can find sheer tights in an ultra-sheer finish that lets your legs breathe in the summer.

Beautiful Beyonce wearing sheer pantyhose with denim shorts.  Sheer pantyhose is an underestimated piece of accessory. It has been given a bad reputation because many women associate it with grannies.

We consider it as a wardrobe essential because it completes many outfits worn for special occasions - from formal-to semi formal events (let's face it many 'black tie occasions' require a classy dress code, and baring your legs is inappropriate) to office work and even casual parties. 
All in all, sheer hosiery is a wardrobe staple because it:  Makes your legs look flawless,  Makes you feel feminine and great,   Makes you look more attractive,   Makes you look classy with a little bit of sex appeal,     Keeps you covered on many occasions,   Attracts the opposite sex (this gives your confidence a boost, admit it!),   Quick makeup for your legs

    Pantyhosed legs are WAY sexier than bare legs any day. Like what has been said before; go out in bare legs and then go out in the same outfit with pantyhose on and you’ll see the results. If I'm in a club setting and I see two women next to each other and one is hot looking with bare legs and the other is average looking with pantyhose on, I'll talk to the average looking woman wearing the pantyhose. It just says something about a woman when she's willing to take that extra step to make herself look better. That's a very attractive trait."

Sheer Hosiery Never Goes Out of Style.  Since sheer hosiery is such an essential piece, it will never go out of style. There are times of the year when sheer pantyhose is becomes less popular because opaques or bare legs are all the rage in the fashion scene, but it's still 'in style'.

It's also about how you wear it. I can tell you that wearing nude glossy pantyhose with a little black dress creates an amazing party look. Also, if you're into a chic, laid-back look you'll discover how great a pair of relaxed denim shorts looks with black sheer pantyhose. Not to mention with casual sweater dresses paired with trendy high heels or casual heel boots.

Sheer hose looks nude on your skin, but yet it's revealing and sexy without looking tacky!
You need at least secure one pair of sheer tights that match the color of your skin - this will keep you covered on special occasions where the dress code is a little strict. However black sheer is much, much, much more versatile and chic, and goes with a lot of outfit and clothing styles.  Sheer pattern hosiery is awesome for fun and play. I particularly like pantyhose with polkadots. Very cute yet subtle.  Stockings are more sexier and convenient than pantyhose. Wear them to office work or semi-formal occasions but make sure that the lace top doesn't peek from beneath your dress/skirt.

What's 'denier'?  The first step in buying sheer pantyhose is to gain a basic understanding of the term 'denier'. Basically, 'denier' indicates how sheer a pair of hosiery is. Anything below 20 is considered sheer.  20 is stronger than 10 and are more durable for everyday wear (or heavy partying!). Anything below a denier 10 is ultra sheer and perfect for summer. 

From the Chic Fashionista

Friday, September 6, 2013


Celebrity Lady Ga Ga  loves her legwear. This is one entertainer that has tights as her trademark whether she is performing or running around in town. Lady Ga Ga has helped demonstrate to the younger generation that tights are cool and can be fun to wear on a regular basis.

think old school fashion flip flops and bare legs are over, it is time to start wearing tights as outwear, as a fashion statement like Lady Ga Ga.
When Lady Ga Ga was a little girl, she would sing along on her mini plastic tape recorder to Michael Jackson and Cyndi Lauper hits and get twirled in the air in daddy’s arms to the sounds of the Rolling Stones and the Beatles. The precocious child would dance around the table at fancy Upper West Side restaurants using the breadsticks as a baton. And, she would innocently greet a new babysitter in nothing but her birthday suit.
t’s no wonder that little girl from a good Italian New York family, turned into the exhibitionist, multi-talented singer-songwriter with a flair for theatrics that she is today:Lady Ga Ga.
“I was always an entertainer. I was a ham as a little girl and I’m a ham today,” saysLady Ga Ga, 22, who made a name for herself on the Lower East Side club scene with the infectious dance-pop party song “Beautiful Dirty Rich,” and wild, theatrical, and often tongue-in-cheek “shock art” performances where Ga Ga – who designs and makes many of her stage outfits — would strip down to her hand-crafted hot pants and bikini top, light cans of hairspray on fire, and strike a pose as a disco ball lowered from the ceiling to the orchestral sounds of A Clockwork Orange.

“I always loved rock and pop and theater. When I discovered Queen and David Bowie is when it really came together for me and I realized I could do all three,” says Ga Ga, who nicked her name from Queen’s song “Radio Ga ga” and who cites rock star girlfriends, Peggy Bundy, and Donatella Versace as her fashion icons. “I look at those artists as icons in art. It’s not just about the music. It’s about the performance, the attitude, the look; it’s everything. And, that is where I live as an artist and that is what I want to accomplish.”

“My goal as an artist is to funnel a pop record to a world in a very interesting way,” says Lady Ga Ga, who wrote all of her lyrics, all of her melodies, and played most of the synth work on her album, The Fame (Streamline/Interscope/KonLive). “I almost want to trick people into hanging with something that is really cool with a pop song. It’s almost like the spoonful of sugar and I’m the medicine.”

On The Fame, it’s as if Lady Ga Ga took two parts dance-pop, one part electro-pop, and one part rock with a splash of disco and burlesque and generously poured it into the figurative martini glasses of the world in an effort to get everyone drunk with her Famous pantyhose legs. “The Fame is about how anyone can feel famous,” she explains. “Pop culture is art. It doesn’t make you cool to hate pop culture, so I embraced it and you hear it all over The Fame. But, it’s a sharable fame. I want to invite you all to the party. I want people to feel a part of this pantyhose lifestyle.”

The CD’s opener and first single, “Just Dance,” gets the dance floor rocking in her shiny tights with it’s “fun, L.A., celebratory vibe.” As for the equally catchy, “Boys Boys Boys,” Lady Ga Ga doesn’t mind wearing pantyhose and her influences on her sleeve. “I wanted to write the female version of Motley Crue’s ‘Girls Girls Girls,’ but with my own twist. I wanted to write a pop song that rockers would like.”

“Beautiful Dirty Rich” sums up her time of self-discovery, living in the Lower East Side and dabbling in drugs and the party scene. “That time, and that song, was just me trying to figure things out,” says GaGa. “Once I grabbed the reigns of my artistry, I fell in love with that more than I did with the party life.” On first listen, “Paparazzi” might come off as a love song to cameras, and in all honestly, GaGa jokes “on one level it IS about wooing the paparazzi and wanting fame. But, it’s not to be taken completely seriously. It’s about everyone’s obsession with that idea. But, it’s also about wanting a guy to love you and the struggle of whether you can have success or love or both.”

Lady Ga Ga shows her passion for pantyhose fashion in public and for love songs on such softer tracks as the Queen-influenced “Brown Eyes” and the sweet kiss-off break-up song “Nothing I can Say (eh eh).” “‘Brown Eyes’ is the most vulnerable song on the album,” she explains. “‘Eh Eh’ is my simple pop song about finding someone new and breaking up with the old boyfriend.”

For the new tour for this album, fans will be treated to a more polished version of what they saw (and loved) at her critically acclaimed Lollapalooza show in August 2007 and Winter Music Conference performance in March 2008. “This new show is the couture version of my handmade downtown performance of the past few years. It’s more fine-tuned, but some of my favorite elements to my past shows – the disco balls, hot pants, sequin, and stilettos complimenting my choice of pantyhose for the evening – will still be there. Just more fierce and more of a conceptual show with a vision for pop performance art.”

It’s been a while since a new pop artist has made her way in the music industry the old-fashioned/grass roots way by paying her dues with seedy club gigs and self-promotion. This is one rising pop star who hasn’t been plucked from a model casting call, born into a famous family, won a reality TV singing contest, or emerged from a teen cable TV sitcom. “I did this the way you are supposed to. I played every club in New York City and I bombed in every club and then killed it in every club and I found myself as an artist. I learned how to survive as an artist, get real, and how to fail and then figure out who I was as singer and performer. And, I worked hard.”

Lady Ga Ga adds with a wink in her eye, “And, now, I’m just trying to change the world in my pantyhose one sequin at a time.”

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Celebrity Hosiery Fashion Phenomenon: What is So Alluring About It?

Celebrity hosiery fashion just might include your favorite movie star or television star who wears pantyhose, opaque tights or leggings!  If they do, have you ever wondered what their personal life was like?  If you have, you are definitely not alone. In today’s society dominated by boring bare legs, it seems as if many individuals are interested in knowing the latest Celebrity Hosiery Fashion or gossip surrounding today’s most popular stars like Lindsay Lohan who now owns a successful hosiery company in LA.  In addition to who is dating who in what they are wearing, a focus is also placed on Celebrity Hosiery Fashion.  In fact, where are many of us out there who wish that they could dress in the sexy outfits with the celebrity hosiery fashion and look like one of their favorite celebrities in Stillettos with pantyhose.  While this feeling is quite common, it often leaves many others wondering why. Have you checked out one of the latest TV series, Gossip Girls?
Celebrity Hosiery Fashion of Today
Celebrity Hosiery Fashion of Today

Celebrity Hosiery Fashion is Exciting

When it comes to examining the celebrity hosiery fashion phenomenon it is actually difficult to come up with an answer as to why pantyhose, tights and leggings are becoming so popular…could it be that they are just plain sexy to look at on a female?  Different individuals like to look and dress like celebrities for different reasons, some of which are easier to explain than others.  Just a few of the many reasons why the celebrity hosiery fashion phenomenon has gained such a following are touched on below. Tina Turner started it off with a hosiery manufacturer as her sponsor, Rihanna in shiny pantyhose, Radio City Rockettes, then Beyonce, Tina Fey, Mariah Carey, Lohan, Girls Aloud Songs , Wonder Girls and now Lady Ga Ga…who all wear pantyhose daily!
The thing about celebrities who enjoy sheer sexy stockings on their legs  is that they are popular and well-known. In fact, many celebrities cannot even leave their homes with out being recognized and prodded for autographs by fans.  While many celebrities who regularly wear pantyhose wish that they could change this, there are many “everyday,” individuals who wish that they had their own fan following or wish that they were as popular.  Although dressing a certain way or in pantyhose, tights or leggings isn’t necessarily guaranteed to make you more popular, there are many individuals out there who think that it does.  These are often the individuals who regularly checkout the latest in celebrity hosiery fashion trends. Today trends change quickly and we are now beginning to see more and more younger consumers getting into legwear!
Another one of the many reasons why the celebrity hosiery fashion phenomenon is continuing to increase in numbers is because celebrities are often well-known for their hosiery fashion choices these days. If you were to turn your television on to a fashion show or even just a news channel, read a fashion magazine, or visit an online celebrity gossip website, there is a good chance that you will find a celebrity showing off their legs in pantyhose, tights or leggigns being complimented on their good taste in clothing.  Most “everyday,” individuals aren’t always complimented on their clothing or hosiery fashion choice, although many wish that they were. That is one of the many reasons why many individuals try to keep up with celebrity hosiery fashions and copy them, in any way possible. Haven’t you ever wondered how the playboy bunnies get such a shiny stocking look?
Although there are some out there who view the celebrity hosiery fashion phenomenon as an unhealthy obsession, there is actually really nothing wrong with keeping up with the latest in celebrities in pantyhose. What you need to remember though is that just because tights might look good on a celebrity, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the same thing will look good on you.  You should also keep price in mind.  Many celebrities have unlimited financial resources; therefore, the cost of clothing and hosiery fashion accessories isn’t always an issue for them, but it may for you.  Of course, you can dress like a celebrity if you want to, but you need to remember that celebrity hosiery fashions regularly change; therefore, there is no need for you to go broke trying to afford the “hottest,” trends that may only last for a few weeks. Wolford’s for an example of the cadillac of tights worldwide generally starts at $29.95 per pair and then keep going up.

Celebrity Hosiery Fashion Pictures

In short, the celebrity hosiery fashion phenomenon is one that regularly discussed by fashion experts, as well are hosiery manufacturers and pantyhose designers. With the celebrity hosiery fashion phenomenon at its current state, it is not uncommon to find designers trying their best to get their latest fashions appearing on today’s hottest celebrities who regularly wear pantyhose or sheer tights when it comes to celebrity hosiery fashion!